Marci Lynn McGuinness has been writing stories for 60 years. ​Forty books, several magazines and now, screenplays, McGuinness has made writing a career and lifestyle.

   After decades of book and magazine writing and publishing, the energetic author studied screenwriting, received a Master's Certificate, and now  has two agents pitching her work to producers.

   McGuinness spent decades researching and writing about the legends of the history-rich Ohiopyle, PA area. Her early auto racing books have sparked the interest of collectors and producers. She will keep you updated on her progress.

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About Marci McGuinness

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The Mystery of the Ohiopyle  Hotel: FREE E Book (pdf)

  • Yesteryear in Ohiopyle, Vol. I, II, II
  • Murder In Ohiopyle
  • Ohiopyle, That Little Town
  • Yesteryear at the Uniontown Speedway (board track, 1916-1922)
  • Murder at the Vineyard
  • Laurel Highland Legends
  • Murder in the Vineyard
  • Ohiopyle Cookbook, Eat Like a Local
  • ​​Gone to Ohiopyle
  • Braddock Legends & Lore​
  • ​Speedway Kings