Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania is as unique as author, Marci Lynn McGuinness. After writing 40 books and a variety of scripts and magazine articles, she is revamping Ohiopyle Life Magazine in 2022. Stay tuned!


Ohiopyle Life Magazine coming Spring 2022

In 1903 Congressman Andrew Stewart's family tore down the original Ohiopyle House Hotel and built this beauty to accommodate all the tourists who came by train to Ohiopyle.

   It was burnt to the ground on Friday the 13th, 1964 just after it was remodeled for the new state park grand opening.


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Ohiopyle Life magazine, 2018-2019 was a print and digital publication. During 2020 and 2021, McGuinness promoted area businesses through her Ohiopyle Life facebook page.

   She also wrote 4 screenplays, and the first draft of her memoir, In Case I Croak, The Life & Times of a Writer.

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