McGuinness' screenplay, "Speed King!" is now being pitched to producers. The true story is based on her books on the infamous Uniontown Speedway board track, 1916 - 1922, and the Summit Mountain Hill Climbs that preceded them.

It's Gone with the Wind at the Races, WWI.

Logline: Jack Rayson convinces Universal Films and auto moguls to back America's fastest track in a Pennsylvania coal boom town. He fights to keep the high rolling races going through fatal wrecks, war, storms, and lost love, then takes the money and runs to Cuba.

Speed Kings...

“To those who bet I would die in the race, this Speed King is here to disappoint you!”

In Speed Kings, race car driver Jack Rayson convinces Universal Films and auto moguls to back America's fastest race track in Uniontown, Pennsylvania during the coal and coke boom.

But an opening day crash kills five and topples the press stand.

Jack fights to keep the Universal Film Trophy races going through fatalities, war, storms and mounting debt while vying for the woman he loves and losing. Relishing the high life, he spends himself into a hole.

Jack runs to Cuba with the investor's money, but he can't hide forever.

BIO: As historian and author of 36 books I own the rights to many true stories. For Speed Kings, I have access to cars, locations and strong regional support. I am the world expert on this subject.

Audience: 75 million NASCAR fans.

If this concept intrigues you, I will speedily send you the script,

Marci Lynn McGuinness
304 698-6207


by Marci Lynn McGuinness

Will be performed at the State Theater in Uniontown the first weekend in August

during the 10 minute play festival thrown by the Phoenix Arts Center, Main Street, Uniontown.

Seven plays will be acted out with 3 or less actors.