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Write YOUR Memoir!

   Gather your thoughts and photographs and write YOUR memoir.

   Pass your family history down to those beloved children and grandchildren or it may be lost forever...with the assistance of author, Marci Lynn McGuinness.

304 698-6207,

McGuinness is gathering stories and information for Laurel Highland Legends, Volume II, to be published fall, 2018.

   Marci Lynn McGuinness is the author of 37 books, many on local legends.

   She is presently pitching her screenplay, Speed King, to producers. It is inspired by a true story and her books on the Summit Mountain Hill Climbs (1913 - 1915) and the infamous Uniontown Speedway board track (1916 - 1922).


   McGuinness is writing a psychological thriller screenplay, Tim, inspired by the woman who turned Ohiopyle, PA on its head; culminating in the 1964 arson at the Ohiopyle Hotel and the birth of Ohiopyle State Park..